Chili Thom and his Masterpieces

Best known for his ability to capture the stunning landscapes in the mountains, Chili Thom, a local art legend played an instrumental role in the development of the arts in Whistler. His unique approach and curvaceous interpretations of the mountainscapes, forests and sunsets have become iconic in our mountain town.

Chili, a largely self taught painter acted as a director on the Arts Whistler Board for two decades bringing a new perspective and encouragement to community programs. Paving the way for local artists with his energy and creativity. Sadly, Chili passed away in 2017 after a battle with cancer but we are grateful to have known him and remember Chili as the inspiring, fun loving person we once knew. In memory of Chili and his work, three of the museums in town have showcased his paintings and prints, each of which kindly allowed us to capture as a 3D virtual tour.

Check out the tours below!