3D Virtual Tour of Whistler’s Train Wreck

An iconic piece of Whistler’s cultural history, the train wreck draws both locals and tourists alike to its scenic site. Located just south of the Whistler Village, a short walk along the well maintained trail opens up to the new suspension bridge.  Make sure to stop here to take in the stunning views of Cheakamus river before continuing to the box cars which have been colourfully painted by area artists.

How did the train cars get there? In 1956 a freight train heading South from Lillooet collided with an area of the tracks under construction causing a small pile up. Local logging company owners  the Valleau family were enlisted to help drag the cars off of the track and into the forest where they can be found today. For over 60 years now, the forest has grown around the train cars creating the picturesque escape.

We brought the trainwreck to life with one of our Matterport cameras to create a 3D virtual experience – you feel as though you are really there! The Matterport camera is a tool we typically use to showcase our homes for sale. But… sometimes its fun to explore and see what the technology can really do!

Take a look below at the virtual tour: