Whistler Shared Ownership

How shared ownership provides new options

Real Estate in Whistler, like Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Twenty-five years of participating in the development of Whistler and assisting many buyers and sellers to realize their dreams, has provided us with a greater perspective on the requirements of our investors and their real estate needs.

Ever dreamed of owning "that special recreational property", but it's just too expensive or not cost effective?

Most vacation properties in North American are extremely underutilized; statistics indicate that, on average, they are occupied less that 56 days per year leaving them unoccupied over 85% of the time. Most families who desire a "quality resort experience" are only able to use their property a fraction of the time it is available. It does not always make sense to tie up capital and pay all the costs of ownership (maintenance, taxes, insurance, resort fees, etc.) while the property sits underutilized.

Sharing the ownership of that home could be the answer, and there is a growing trend to invest in these programs, which provide all the lifestyle benefits at a fraction of the cost. Now you can "co-own" your property. All you have to do is analyze your lifestyle objectives and long-term investment goals to realize which of the various share options match your requirements'. Options vary from 1/2 share, 1/4 share, 10th share to the well-known, but often misunderstood, timeshare.

The real estate market is the largest local economy. As such, Whistler has had to adapt over the years to accommodate a growing variety of travelers from around the world, who have discovered our charming village in the mountains. Share Ownership is just one of those special Whistler options which by being fairly unique in its diversity, enables many people to share the experience.

The real estate market offers time share sales by the week for as little as $6,500, which is a way of guaranteeing your annual visit in accommodation that, is both familiar and affordable. We have a new product at Nature's Door which provides owner use of 5 weeks a year in a luxury, slope-side, town home with full amenities and concierge service from $284,900.00 and includes an equity position of 1/10th of title.

For those who want more use, we offer quarter share ownership giving owners a week a month at properties like Montebello for $289,900, while the Legends condominiums start at $128,000 and Horstman House at $169,900. Of course, many owners purchase more than one quarter or have friends and family join them in owning an entire unit.

Whistler still has beautiful homes and properties for anyone interested in joining the Whistler Experience. Don't forget, Whistler is co hosting the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games! For more information on these and any other real estate questions, contact us.