Top 10 Important Questions to Ask a Whistler Realtor

Although buying a home in Whistler is a fairly simple process for both residents and non-residents of Canada, some questions will need to be answered by yourself, your RE/MAX REALTORŪ, Lawyer or Accountant. Ensure that you understand the information needed, to assist yourself in making the right choice, here are RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate Whistler's Top 10 questions.

1. The Obvious Question is 'Price Versus Affordability'?

In what price range are you comfortable and does this afford you your preferred number of bedrooms and bathrooms?

2. What is Your Preferred Location?

How important is it to be centrally located with all the Village amenities at your doorstep? Or would you prefer ski-in/ski-out?

3. What Type of Whistler Property Are Your Looking For?

Whistler offers a plethora of properties to meet everyone's style, price and size. Do you think you'd like a single family home, condominium/apartment, townhome, vacant land on which to build, fractional ownership, timeshare, or even a commercial property?

4. Have You Considered Which Amenities Are Important to You?

Make a list of the amenities which would help to make your home ideal and are a priority to you and your family: a hot tub, swimming pool, secure parking, hotel services, a full kitchen, washer/dyer, bus service, schools etc.?

5. How Much Personal Use Are You Intending to Have of the Property?

Do you think you will use it for a couple of weeks in the winter and summer, are you intending to live in it full time, or use it as a weekend retreat?

6. Are You Looking to Earn Nightly Rental Revenue?

If you are, would you like to organize this nightly rental yourself through owner-direct websites, have a completely hands-off relationship with a rental management company, or a blend of the two?

7. Are You Purchasing With Cash or Would You Like to Finance Your Home?

If so, are you aware of the down payment requirements for residents, non-residents and for some nightly rental properties?

8. What Are the Associated Purchase Costs and Processes Involved?

Questions such as what are the legal costs, purchase taxes, and any other relevant fees? How do you negotiate with a seller? What terms conditions can you put as part of your contract, such as standard deposits and the length of time to complete on the purchase?

9. Who Are the Best Companies to Assist Me Before and After the Purchase of My Property?

How do you find the best rental managers, lawyers, accountants, building inspectors, mortgage brokers, foreign currency exchange companies, banks, housekeeping companies, ski rentals, or transportation companies?

10. Are You Aware of the Current Real Estate Market in Whistler and Historical Trends?

What are the current and historical trends of this market and in the various properties you might be interested in purchasing? Understand your expected investment returns.

At RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate our motto is "Outstanding Agents - Outstanding Results". Our goal is to provide you answers to all your questions in an efficient and professional way, so that you can make fully informed and educated decisions. Call one of our Real Estate Sales Professionals today to determine if buying a property in Whistler is right for you.